• en PHP8 compatibility

    I'm currently working on making my plugins compatible with PHP8.

    For more information see the newest updates on

  • en Visitor countries

    Hitcount version 2.2 supports determining the visitors' countries even if they use IPv6.

    Additionally it now needs less memory, recognizes Windows 8 and 10 and improves the user interface.

  • en Marking search terms, auto-open FAQ questions

    I18N Search version 2.9 will mark search terms on pages, and FAQ will automatically open those questions and answers containing those search terms.

  • en Scaled Images in I18N Special Pages

    Version 1.1 of I18N Special Pages allows you to easily show scaled versions of images (e.g. for thumbnails).

  • en I18N - tag autocomplete and more

    I18N 2.2

    • helps you entering tags/keywords by suggesting tags used on other pages
    • allows you to hide/show child pages in the hierarchical pages view
    • allows you to filter pages by tag - just enter : and the tag (again aided by auto completion)
  • en Pagify - multilanguage and fancy URLs

    Pagify 1.0 now supports multi languages, displays first and last links, does only show n pages around the current page (useful with 20+ pages) and supports fancy URLs.

  • en Search & RSS

    The I18N Search plugin now supports the generation of RSS feeds.

  • en I18N Gallery plugin released

    The I18N Gallery plugin simplifies the creation of photo galleries and slideshows:

    • select images from the uploads directory and sub directories
    • sort the images by drag and drop
    • specify titles and description in multiple languages (with the I18N plugin)
    • select a type (two types of embedded slide shows, two types of popup image viewers, slide show using whole browser window)
    • enter the desired size of thumbnails and images (automatic images resizing), whether the slideshow should start automatically, type of transition, etc.
    • embed the slide show on a page or in the template

    Some of the slide shows will even have a nice fallback, if Javascript is disabled.

  • en FAQ Plugin Released

    The FAQ plugin simplifies the display of FAQs (frequently asked questions) by hiding the answers and nested questions and showing them only when the user clicks on the question.

  • en Search plugin updated

    The new version of the Search plugin features:

    • a configuration page with explanations,
    • sorting by URL, publishing date or creation date,
    • a russian translation.
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