News with I18N Search

You can use the I18N Search plugin to display news.

Create a page for each news item, for convenience use a URL name like "news-20110101-1544" with date and time and assign it the tag "news".

Include the following in a template or a component:

<?php get_i18n_search_results(['tags' => 'news', 'numWords' => -1, 
         'order' => 'reverseurl']); ?>

or put the following on a page:

(% searchresults tags:news numWords:-1 order:reverseurl %)

The numWords = -1 ensures that the whole content is output on the page. If you want an excerpt only, specify the number of words to include instead.

If you add the results to a page, you can also add an RSS feed:

(% searchresults tags:news numWords:-1 %)
(% searchrss title="My great news" name="news" tags:news numWords:30 %)

This creates a link to the RSS feed (which only shows the first 30 words per news item) and also adds RSS links to the HTML head. In this case the standard sort order is used, which is by modification date, if no words are included in the search.

If you assign additional tags to the news, e.g. "technology", "gadgets", "environment", you can create a page "Technology News" and use the following to display only technology related news:

(% searchresults tags:"news technology" numWords:-1 %)

And as news are just (special) pages and all pages are indexed by I18N Search, your site search will find news as well as other (normal) pages.