Category List with Page Count

You can use I18N Search to display a category list like the following, displaying, how many pages exist for a specific tag:

Programming languages:


You need to add the categories as tags/keywords to the pages.

Then create a component tags-and-numbers (replace search-results with the slug of your search result page or any other page containing ):

  global $args;
  $tags = return_i18n_tags();
  foreach ($args as $arg) {
    $tag = strtolower($arg);
    if (count($tags[$tag]) > 0) {
    <a href="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(find_i18n_url('search-results',null)); ?>?tags=<?php echo urlencode($tag); ?>">
      <?php echo htmlspecialchars($arg); ?> (<?php echo count($tags[$tag]); ?>)

You can adjust the generated HTML to your requirements (e.g. surround the links with <li> or <p>).

At last call this component and pass all tags, for which you want to count page numbers, as parameters after the component name (you need the I18N plugin and its get_i18n_component function to pass parameters to a component) within the template:

<?php get_i18n_component('tags-and-numbers', 'java', 'php'); ?>

or from within your page (using the DynPages plugin):

{% tags-and-numbers java php %}