GetSimple Plugin i18n - Screen Shots

The following screen shots show the much improved interface to specify the page hierarchy and navigation structure:

  • The parent select box shows the hierarchical structure of the site with the page names instead of the url names. Note that the current page itself (and all its children) are missing in the list to avoid loops.
  • Instead of a priority select box you can select after which page the current page should be inserted. When you save, the priorities of the sibling pages are adjusted, if necessary.

Parent selection

Selection of the position in the menu

Other language versions of a page are specified by putting "_" and the language code (e.g. "de" for german, "en" for english) after the URL name. If you do this, input fields that are not relevant because they are automatically the same as those of the default language page are hidden.

Other language version

To get an overview of the pages and all language versions, you should use the special I18N view. You can also easily add versions of a page by pressing the + button - some metadata fields like the URL will then be automatically filled.

The filter field on top initially has the focus so that you can start searching for a page immediately - the page list is filtered while you are typing.

On the navigation structure view you can rearrange the pages with drag-and-drop. Pages that are not shown in the menu are displayed in gray:

P.S.: This page - the page you are currently reading - is not shown in the menu, but as its parent is the I18N page, the I18N menu item is marked as current.