FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This plugin allows you to define Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), where answers are only shown after you click on the question.

For an example see here.


Create a page, enter your questions as headers (h1, h2, ...) and your answers as anything else and give the page a tag _faq.

Give the page a tag _faq autoclose and all sibling questions will automatically close, when you open a question (version 1.0+).

You can structure your questions by using different levels of headers.


Add custom styles to your style sheet (FAQ page are wrapped in a div.faq-wrapper) and/or upload two images faq_open.jpg and faq_closed.jpg to your data/uploads directory.

Automatically open relevant questions

If you use the I18N Search plugin (version 2.9+) and have switched on marking of search terms, all relevant questions and answers will automatically be opened, when you open the FAQ page from the search page (or Google or Bing).