Dynamic Pages - DynPages Plugin

If you want to embed dynamic code - be it php, forms or javascript - on a page, then you should use the DynPages plugin.


Download the plugin from http://get-simple.info/extend/plugin/dynpages/81/ and unzip it to the plugins directory of your GetSimple installation.


You use place holders on your page to include components, e.g. to include a site map:

Here is the map of this site:

{% sitemap %}

(If the place holder is the only text within the paragraph, the paragraph is removed, before including the component)

Then you need to define the component sitemap, e.g.

<ul><?php get_i18n_navigation('index',0,99,I18N_SHOW_PAGES); ?></ul>

This will display a sitemap on the page (uses the I18N Plugin).

You can also pass parameters to the component, which the component can then access via the global variable $args.

For example create a component "sitemap", which takes as parameters the depth of the site map:

  global $args;  

To use it, include a place holder with its name and a parameter on your page:

Here are the first three levels of this site:

{% sitemap 3 %}