Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a demonstration page for the faq plugin. If it also answers your questions that's even better.

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Why GetSimple?

It doesn't need a database, is very easy to install and is easy to use.

And there are lots of plugins that add functionality.

Does it support multi-language sites?

Not out-of-the-box - but you can use the I18N plugin.

Does it have an integrated search?

Not out-of-the-box - but you can use the I18N Search plugin.

Does it have a news/blog functionality?

Not out-of-the-box - but you can use any of the available news/blogging plugins

Does it have a contact form?

Not out-of-the-box - but you can use the p01-contact plugin.

I18N Plugin

The I18N plugin adds multi-language functionality to GetSimple. You can provide multiple language versions of your content and the I18N plugin will select the content best fitting your visitors. You don't need to translate all your pages, as the plugin will show the default language if it doesn't find a better language for your visitor.

How is the language selected?

The plugin checks the languages configured in your visitor's browser and tries to display the content in the first, second, ... language provided by the visitor.

Can the visitor switch the language?

The plugin allows you to set the visitor session's language with the request parameter setlang. You have just to provide appropriate links in your template.

What about the navigation/menu?

The navigation/menu also adjusts to the visitor's language. You can also configure it to only show the pages that have been translated.

I18N Search plugin

The I18N Search plugin allows you to search for words and tags in your pages.

How are the search results sorted?

The results are scored according to the number of times the search words are found and where they are found (the title is more important than the content). Newer pages score higher than older ones. And of course you can configure it all.

How do the search results look like?

The search results contain the title of the page, the language (if you use the I18N plugin), the date and the content or the first x words of the content. You can configure it to show only part of this information.

Isn't this terribly slow?

No, the search plugin indexes all pages and then just searchs the index. Even with hundreds of pages, you should have no performance problem.

I18N Gallery plugin

This plugin allows you to display image galleries easily.

When will it be released?


What features does it have?

See here.