On this website you can find information about software I have developed or improved.

GetSimple Plugins

  • I18N (support for multilanguage sites and multi-level navigation)
  • I18N Gallery (image gallery)
  • I18N Search (i18n enabled search, but works without I18N plugin, too)
  • I18N Custom Fields (custom fields for each page)
  • I18N Special Pages (define types of pages with custom fields, customized behaviour and customized display)
  • Pagify (split long content into pages)
  • Dynamic Pages (include dynamic content on pages)
  • HitCount (view hits per page, visitors, user agents, referers and visit duration)
  • FAQ (create pages with frequently asked questions)

Java Libraries

  • jEasyORM (simple Java ORM, supporting multiple databases and database independent primary keys and paging)

PHP Software

  • phpEasyVCS (simple version control system with WebDAV access)